Building Automation

TMBA possesses over 40 years of direct digital controls (DDC) experience and has a proven track record of excellence. The company offers a full spectrum of HVAC automation and controls solutions to optimize building performance and maintain comfortable indoor environments. More Detail


There is a lot at stake when considering building security. That is why TMBA is the best company to furnish your needs and the best investment towards a successful tomorrow. Employing highly talented dedicated individuals we are able to extend service unparalleled with other firms. Not only will we design the system that is right for you but with true 24/7 service we ensure that our system works when you need it most. More Detail


TMBA helps to make building lighting more sustainable, flexible, and energy-efficient. Our design and support teams provide lighting control solutions that combine proven technology with the latest control strategies for reducing energy cost and creating a comfortable, productive environment. The results are a high level of occupant control paired with significant energy savings . More Detail


At TMBA complete customer satisfaction is our goal with every project. TMBA offers services to maximize the value of your investment and ensure your system continues to operate efficiently 24/7. More Detail