Building Automation

T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. (TMBA) represents Schneider Electric/Andover Controls Automation Systems, as well as a variety of other manufacturers who make related products such as variable speed drives and time and occupancy based lighting controls.

Automation of energy consuming building functions such as cooling and heating can easily produce a 20% or more reduction in your energy costs. Further comprehensive building automation, including lighting controls and power station controllers, can typically reduce total energy costs by an additional 10%.

The Schneider Electric/Andover Controls product line is one of the most sophisticated yet user-friendly control systems on the market. You can capture and log vital data such as energy usage, building performance, maintenance records, equipment run time, critical alarms, employee time and attendance records plus much more. Color graphic displays, touch screens and pop-up windows make system operation easy to learn and use for all levels of personnel.

All of our products are forward and backward compatible giving you the ability to add to your system without the need for costly upgrades. This also makes it easier than ever to start with a small system that can grow as your needs grow.

With custom solutions for every application and size, TMBA, together with our entire product line, gives you TOTAL CONTROL over the performance of your facility.