Upgrading Your Building Management System In NYC

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There are more than one million buildings in New York City, 299 of them being skyscrapers. We estimate that 70-80% of these commercial & residential buildings are due for a building management system upgrade, or will be soon. Around 2014, building management systems (aka building automation systems) began integrating lighting controls, security systems, and HVAC controls, which allowed for the creation of “smart buildings” that are more energy efficient and easier to manage. Building managers at universities, hospitals, museums, and more throughout NYC began to realize the benefits of implementing or upgrading their BMS.

Benefits Of Building Management Systems

Building management systems have many features and benefits. Ease of use is a must for building managers. If their control systems are overly complicated, it can be impossible to manage or maximize benefits. For example your building’s energy efficiency can be greatly improved with a BMS, but if the control point is not easy to manage it can be difficult to make changes, gain insights, etc.

A building automation system provides greater indoor comfort for occupants through HVAC controls. Humidity requirements in a lab or museum can also be managed with your BMS. Lastly, your BMS can help to achieve cyber security compliance.

Challenges Faced By NYC Building Managers

Building managers in NYC can face unique challenges when implementing or upgrading their BMS. Security protocol is very important in any building, but it can make the upgrade process more complicated. T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. has decades of experience working in NYC buildings, and managing the logistics in an organized and expedient manner. We prioritize our customers’ security, and can work with your building manager to ensure your building remains secure. From granting building access to all the necessary engineers & technicians on our team to working in a maximum security facility, we will work with your security team to follow all protocols while coordinating the logistics of your project.

Another challenge NYC building managers face when upgrading their building automation system is occupancy. Whether your building or high rise is full of offices, apartments, or commercial space, your time available for the BMS upgrade implementation will typically be limited by the occupants’ use of your space. We coordinate with our customers to only work during approved times, including nights and weekends. This allows your operations to resume as normal, without facing disruptions from the implementation or upgrade process.

About T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. In NYC

T.M. Bier & Associates has been in the building automation industry in NYC since 1977. We have installed and upgraded building management systems in hundreds of spaces in the New York City area and beyond. This gives us the unique ability to provide solutions & answers to problems or challenges that others might not be able to. We have enjoyed ongoing relationships with our customers by providing excellent customer service beyond the installation or upgrade. If you’re looking for a building management systems integrator in NYC, be sure they also can provide ongoing services like TMBA.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re ready to start planning your BMS upgrade or install in the New York metropolitan area, T.M. Bier & Associates is ready to help you every step of the way. We have expert advisors to assist with all aspects of your project including: budgeting, cost estimation, project timeline, needs assessment, proposal & more. Involving a systems integrator like TMBA in the early stages of your process can help you assess what you’re getting and cost. The lowest price is not always the best buy, and we can help you weigh those decisions against your budget.

Contact us today to get your BMS questions answered, or begin planning your next upgrade or installation.

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