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Energy Management

The main objective of the TMBA Energy Services program is to support our Customers in their quest to meet their energy management and carbon emission reducing goals; either set forth by local legislation or internal ambitious deadlines. The program is aimed at helping Customers benchmark their energy usage to further understand areas of energy improvements and opportunities to eliminate energy waste. At TMBA, we will aggressively reduce the carbon footprint while also driving down the Customers’ energy budget expenditure by levering cutting edge technologies and building analytics, aggressive energy conservation measures, implementation of capital projects; including renewable technologies, and through the procurement of renewable credits to offset some of the carbon emissions permitted by law. With the successful implementation of our comprehensive energy program, participating Customers can expect to substantially reduce their energy consumption, carbon footprint, and utility expenditures while fostering comfortable environments for the occupants and building owners.

T.M. Bier and Associates offers a full range of energy management services including, carbon assessment and compliance filings for applicable New York City Customers, energy auditing and master planning retro-commissioning, energy conservation through the deployment of onsite energy managers, implementation of capital projects, procurement of renewable credits, and Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) using Building Analytics. Our team of Licensed Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and Controls System Engineers are experts in energy cost reduction.
TMBA is a leader in assisting companies to “Go Green” and conserve energy. Today, it is more important than ever to conserve energy, not only to protect our environment, but to minimize cost.

Find out today how TMBA can be your trusted energy partner for all your energy management requirements, whether you operate a commercial office building, hospital, or residential building.

Carbon Footprint Filing

TMBA is capable of managing all the carbon emission filings associated with new legislations to ensure customers are in compliance with the local laws. We also follow up with any additional questions from the City and provide support in case of an audit. In addition, we will do a carbon assessment to report the real and potential fines associated with failure to drive down energy consumption and carbon emissions. Please note that some of these penalties could run into the millions of dollars.

Real Time Energy Management

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) is a cutting-edge technology that continuously sends a building's live and historical performance data to an advanced cloud-based system where it is transformed into actionable insights for property owners, building managers, and tenants. We will provide the report and implement the measures associated with the result in the report.

Energy Accounting

We will track all the energy bills and use software to develop a benchmark and measure program performance and success, as well as to track our efforts in relations to the facility’s carbon footprint.

Renewable Credit Procurement

Starting on 2024, Building Owners can procure renewable credits to offset some of the their carbon footprint. TMBA can support such efforts to ensure that Building Owners can make the most effective decision for driving down their carbon footprint.

Virtual Energy Funds

The saving associated with this program can be used to implement a wide range of energy related capital projects aimed at further reducing the carbon footprint at virtually no cost to the customer. TMBA can act as the owner’s representative.