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  • BMS Retrofit.
  • Additional systems included in the automation project were cooling towers, VFDs, condenser and chilled water systems, and heat exchanger systems.
  • NANTUM by Prescriptive Data is a fully integrated operational platform for the built space, providing actionable insights for owners, facility operators, and tenants. NANTUM works by locally aggregating data from the plethora of sub-systems within the building, such as occupancy sensors, building management systems (BMS), weather data, utility meters, temperature, water, and more. TMBA works with Prescriptive Data to create sequencing on Schneider Electric and Andover BMS, which is then actuated by NANTUM in real-time..


  • 345 Park Avenue New York, NY
  • Size: 44 story, 1,832,210 sq. ft.