Upgrading HVAC Control Systems In NYC

New York City’s hot summers and frigid winters are very demanding on the buildings’ HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control systems and their operators. Ensuring that the occupants of your building or facility are comfortable and safe requires regular maintenance, management, and monitoring of your HVAC system. The old & new, big and small buildings of New York City all present unique HVAC challenges that require smart solutions implemented by BAS (building automation system) integration experts. For instance, there are 104-stories in One WTC alone; that’s a lot of sq. footage to manage (3.50127 million ft²)! HVAC control systems are made for exactly that.

What is an HVAC control system?

HVAC control systems continue to technologically evolve through the years, but their primary function remains the same. Control systems are needed to initiate a HVAC system when the temperature reading on a connected sensor is not within the acceptable range set by the building or facility manager. A signal is sent to the necessary components (e.g. air handler) and the HVAC system is activated. Once the sensor’s temperature reading is within the set acceptable range the control system can send a signal to the HVAC system to stop operating, maximizing energy efficiency. Managers can also be alerted of system failures when they happen, which means less system downtime.

HVAC Control Systems & Building Automation Systems

HVAC control systems can also be integrated into your building’s larger control system, called a building automation (or management) system. This allows a facility manager to control lighting, HVAC, and even security from a centralized user interface that may be accessed remotely. Integrating these various systems can be challenging & problematic, so you’ll want to make sure you’re working with an experienced and reputable systems installer & integrator in New York City.

Ready to upgrade your HVAC control system?

If your HVAC control system is due for an upgrade, or you would like to get your NYC building’s control systems integrated, learn more about our HVAC control system services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your project or get your questions answered. 

About T.M. Bier & Associates

T.M. Bier & Associates has been installing, upgrading, and servicing building control systems in New York, NY since 1977, and we’ve since grown into the region’s most prominent independent controls systems engineering company. We are proud to be Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partners, offering control systems engineering solutions and high quality services backed by decades of experience. Many of the most prestigious properties in the Northeast have relied on TMBA’s building control systems expertise.

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