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Commercial buildings, including retail spaces, office buildings, warehouses, and more, fill New York City. Each building’s systems must be managed to remain in suitable working conditions for its occupants and these needs can vary greatly. This is because the use of each commercial building requires different conditions. It’s easy to see how a healthcare facility or university that operates 24 hours a day would have specific and unique needs for its automation systems, compared to an office building or a retail store. There are also manufacturing facilities in commercial buildings that manage extreme temperatures, good air quality, and typically have many more components to manage. All of these commercial buildings have one common critical need: a building automation system (or building management system) to control its systems.

Finding a systems integration expert, like T.M. Bier & Associates (TMBA), that can effectively install or upgrade (retrofit) your commercial building’s automation system to fit your unique needs is perhaps the most important step. If your building automation expert cannot design & implement a building control system that is easy to use and gain insights from, then it will be difficult for you to use your system effectively. This can impact energy management, asset life expectancy, occupancy comfort, and more. TMBA has worked in hundreds of New York City commercial buildings since 1973, earning us a reputation as a leading provider of building automation system retrofits and installs.

Commercial building automation systems have to integrate and manage one or more systems within your building including HVAC, lighting, security, etc. from a central access point/panel. These systems can also be managed remotely. The building automation system provides the building owner and/or tenant with many capabilities & benefits, including energy management. Effective energy management using your building automation system can result in improved energy efficiency due to reduced waste. The user also gains insights from the system’s reporting capabilities and can monitor the building’s systems from this central access point.

With energy costs rising, reducing energy waste by improving the control & management of your building’s systems is a solution that can’t be ignored. Using sensors and the IoT (internet of things), your control system can keep your HVAC, lighting systems, and more running efficiently. This can also be helpful when meeting benchmarking compliance codes. Being in NYC presents its own challenges such as old architecture, 24-hour occupancy, limited access, etc. 

TMBA has decades of experience working around these challenges, and we’re ready to help you begin planning your commercial building’s automation system retrofit or install. We also have a dedicated service staff that is available to assist & serve our customers after the project is completed.

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