Commercial Building Automation Systems

Commercial buildings, including retail spaces, office buildings, warehouses, and more, fill New York City. Each building’s systems must be managed to remain in suitable working conditions for its occupants and these needs can vary greatly. This is because the use of each commercial building requires different conditions. It’s easy to see how a healthcare facility or university that operates 24 hours a day would have specific and unique needs for its automation systems, compared to an office building or a retail store. There are also manufacturing facilities in commercial buildings that manage extreme temperatures, good air quality, and typically have many more components to manage. All of these commercial buildings have one common critical need: a building automation system (or building management system) to control its systems.

Building Management Systems vs. Building Automation Systems: What’s The Difference?

What Are Building Control Systems? Almost every commercial & residential building including skyscrapers, office buildings, multi-family buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. uses some form of technology to manage their building’s energy efficiency, security, & more. More advanced technology enables building managers to control all of their building’s systems from one remotely accessible control panel. This […]