4 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your BMS

We’ve helped thousands of facility managers in New York City and beyond upgrade their building management system (BMS). There are a handful of common problems that indicate to a facility or building manager that it’s time to upgrade their BMS. Our experience & expertise in building automation systems has revealed these 4 signs that you need to upgrade your BMS.

1) Your BMS Is Outdated

Building Management Systems are a combination of hardware components and software that requires updates. These elements can become quickly outdated, as better technology is released with passing time. Older BMS systems are less energy efficient, and have less analytics/reporting features. If you’re experiencing IT compliance issues or have an outdated workstation operating system, you may want to consider upgrading your BMS. You may choose to delay upgrading your system, but eventually you might not be able to get your system serviced or repaired anymore because the technology is obsolete. The best solution in this case is to upgrade your BMS.

2) Your Hardware (Sensors) Are Malfunctioning

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints of a BMS providing inaccurate readings. In these cases, it’s likely that one or more of your system’s sensors are malfunctioning. Problems could also arise from a failing and outdated pneumatic system, which you may not be able to get serviced. Issues like these are a sign that you should consider upgrading your BMS, or upgrading your BMS sensors. 

3) Something Went Wrong With Your BMS Installation Or Set-Up

Getting your new BMS installed and set up to meet your needs is a very critical step in the BMS upgrade process. Ensuring that all of your building automation systems (HVAC, Lighting, Security) are integrated correctly ensures that you have full control of your building or facility. During install and set up there is a lot of potential for unwanted surprises. For example, your installer may miss a critical piece of equipment or an addition to the system is not compatible with the current version of your BMS. Post-install customization, done by a systems integrator like TMBA, is critical to ensuring that your BMS is easy to use and insightful. If you’re unable to use your BMS in the way you intended, you may want to consider upgrading your system.

4) You Qualify For Financial Incentives

Building Management Systems improve a building or facility’s energy efficiency by fully controlling and automating a building’s HVAC & lighting systems. This helps building & facility managers to meet energy efficiency benchmarks set by local legislation. Utility companies often offer financial incentives to upgrade your BMS, which can rebate some or all of your upgrade’s expense.

Ready to upgrade your building management system? TMBA has upgraded countless building management systems in New York City and beyond, and we’re ready to help you with your next project. Contact us today to get started.

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