T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. (TMBA) is the region’s largest, independent and fully licensed ESCO (Energy Service Company).

As an ESCO, we provide energy management services that provide companies with savings in energy costs by installing more energy efficient equipment and also by lowering their gas, oil and electric rates.

We gather information about your energy usage and needs. We then identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities and recommend a package of improvements to be all or partially paid for through your realized energy cost savings and/or rebates. We use proven strategies and methodologies that will help you qualify for the highest level of rebates.

We’re rebate specialists. We identify utility and manufacturers rebates that can be applied to your lighting, HVAC, and energy projects. We also have current information on any utility sponsored performance programs that you may qualify for.

Many types of building improvements can be funded this way, including the installation of new lighting technologies, boilers and chillers and other HVAC equipment, and building automation systems and other energy management controls.

Lastly, TMBA has a thorough knowledge of the rapidly developing Energy Deregulation movement. We can show you how to purchase deregulated gas, oil and electric at lower rates than you are currently paying.