T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc.(TMBA) was founded in 1977 by our President, Ted Bier. He graduated in 1962 from Cornell University with an MS degree in Engineering.

Mr. Bier subsequently earned advanced degrees in Engineering Management and an MBA, while successfully completing a series of challenging assignments for the anti-missile command of the United States Army Ordnance Corps.

After completing his successful assignment with the Army, Mr. Bier served at several Fortune 500 companies where he was involved in all aspects of Building Automation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, System Integration and Project Management. When the first energy crisis hit the United States in 1973, Mr. Bier recognized that the skill set he had developed was uniquely suited to improving energy efficiency in buildings while enhancing indoor air quality and occupant comfort. This led to the founding of T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. 

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, building controls technology was in its infancy. In those days, systems were too expensive for many to afford and operation of the equipment was cumbersome.

Even with these limitations, the application of TMBA’s superior engineering and practical knowledge led to dramatic reductions in energy consumption of major buildings, often recovering full investments in as little as one year.

TMBA grew rapidly from a small office and a staff of two, based on its unique approach to customer problem solving and a dedication to 24/7 support.

To further support our customers, a series of acquisitions were authorized in order to integrate electrical and mechanical skills in one organization.

In 1982, the company purchased its current headquarters in Glen Cove, New York receiving government-sponsored Industrial Development Corporation funding to acquire and renovate the facilities. At this time, TMBA decided that the Andover Controls product line, now part of Schneider Electric/Andover Controls, was the best partner for long-term development of integrated systems. Over the years, other important product lines were added such as SensorSwitch and Watt Stopper Lighting Controls, SquareD Variable Speed Drives, and other specialized products.

TMBA developed an early and major working relationship with the local power authorities and Consolidated Edison leading to many recommendations for new installations from these sources. In 2003, TMBA received a special award from Schneider Electric/Andover Controls acknowledging that TMBA installed almost 40% of the first BACnet Integrated Systems produced by Schneider Electric/Andover Controls for worldwide installation. TMBA continues to grow based on our customer support focus, true 24/7 response and a highly talented team supporting organizations throughout the New York Metropolitan area.